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Earn up to $105.00 for every initial sale and all monthly recurring sales! As an MPS Affiliate you will have access to our professional marketing tools, images, videos, and hosted advertising content. We have developed the most advanced pay per minute phone, text, and webcam platform and we are offering this system to the public!

Our dynamic and interactive network consisting of thousands of users will help you to convert sales

Affiliate services include:

Real-time commission stats   Incuded
Private affiliate inbox to communicate with referrers   Incuded
Affiliate account balance always displayed   Incuded
List of all referrers including callers, operators, web owners, and affiliates   Incuded
Real-time banner click stats   Incuded
Ready-made ad banners with affiliate code built-in   Incuded
Create multiple affiliate ad campaigns for different categories   Incuded
Generate custom links to direct traffic to specific pages or sites   Incuded
Generate operator ad content and search by keywords   Incuded
Create full operator galleries with affiliate code built-in   Incuded
Generate operator web store content   Incuded
Create full sub-domain websites and populate with operators   Incuded
Generate operator call buttons, images, and descriptions   Incuded
Withdrawal money at anytime through the MPS Bank system   Incuded
Multiple options to receive payment   Incuded
2-Tier Affiliate system   Incuded
Constant upgrades and new features added monthly   Incuded is a unique pay per minute billing solution that allows for instant website creation, web store setup, and pay per call apps. With our advanced platform you can easily create and manage your very own Pay-Per-Minute Phone Site!


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MPS offers live support  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to assist you with any issues you might have. We offer live chat support, email and phone support.

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