Wildcard Chat Line!

Sat, 26 Apr 2014

We have just added a wildcard chat line to our white label pay per minute platforms!  What is a wildcard line?  To better explain we have detailed how the wildcard chat line will work and help you generate more calls and sale.

Callers on your website have the option to route directly to a pay per minute operator by entering the operator's extension number.  However if the operator does not answer the caller will be invited to enter the wildcard chat line.  Once a customer enters the wildcard chatline he is prompted to specify the maximum per-minute rate he is willing to pay for the wildcard session.

Once the customer specifies the *maximum per-minute* rate, the system will use that to only return operators that have their profile rate equal or below the *maximum per-minute* rate. 

When the customer is connected to a wildcard operator he hears a short message, "You are connecting to operator *NAME* at a rate of $x.xx per minute. Press # to skip to the next operator or * to change the maximum rate".

This is a great way to increase calls and help customers connect to your operators.

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