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How our System Works

Do you want to make money talking on the phone?

Do you have a marketable skill that qualifies you to charge a per minute rate?  Why give away your time when you can profit by setting up a pay per minute website! 

Our pay per minute software is perfect for anyone seeking to make money on the phone.  This implies to virtually any industry; legal advice, sports talk, celebrities, motivational speakers, emotional support, general chat line, adult chat services, health advice, book authors, auto mechanics, spiritualists, dating, business advice, marketing advice, and so much more!  The potential is endless and our premium pay per minute software is easy to use.  We have included everything needed to run a successful and scalable pay per minute website.

So here's the basics..

We have developed a state-of-the-art pay per minute IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system that routes calls from paying customers directly to your phone.  All calls route through a toll free number and all call connection details are secure and private.  This means that you will have a full featured website that displays a toll free number and a unique extension number for every pay per minute operator account on your site.  Customers will be able to register on your website, add funds to their account, and connect to you or anyone you may wish to hire and take pay per minute calls.

Concerned about Privacy?

Our FREE pay per minute platform uses a 'double-blind' system; meaning your customers will never have access to your private details.  The caller id will always display your toll free number and not the actual private number the calls are ringing to.  Also we have developed our system to be secure and encrypt all sensitive information including emails, usernames, passwords, billing details, address, real names, etc. 

How to get Started:

When you register for your FREE pay per minute website we will begin creating your new account within 24 hours.  We offer free support and free setup.  Normally we can have your account up and open for business within 24 hours after registration! 

Once your website is live you will be able to login to your admin panel and begin adding pay per minute operator accounts, uploading media, setting your pay per minute rate, customizing your websites' SEO, reviewing all call connections, viewing profits from calls, store, sales, chat and control virtually every aspect of your site.

How do you Make Money?

When customers register for an account on your website they will have instant access to their private customer control panel. From there the customer is able to send messages to your pay per minute operators and call. However before the customer can connect they will need to add funds to their account. We have included several options for customers to use when adding funds to their account. This includes all major credit cards and offline options. All transactions are passed through our secure payment gateway and discreetly billed as MFT Services.

Ready to start?

Order Today and Start a Pay Per Minute Business! is a unique pay per minute billing solution that allows for instant website creation, web store setup, and pay per call apps.
With our advanced platform you can easily create and manage your very own Pay-Per-Minute Phone Site! Contact Live Chat Today to get started.


Interested in Making Money from Your Phone?

MPS gives you the power to create your own FREE Pay Per Minute website!
Everything you need to start making money on the phone is included in our systems and you can work anywhere! Interested in having your own pay per minute site setup? Then contact live chat for more details. Are you looking to just take calls as an agent? Let us know and we would love to have you join our thriving teams. 
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