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I double dog dare you

Posted on: 2012-02-16 13:02:55

you saw the dog's dick hard and pink sticking out and dripping wet; its nose pushing hard towards the prissy bitch who just got doggie licked. she held its collar as you dropped your pants and put peanut butter on your balls. she told you to put more and you accidently felt it touch your ass. in a moment of fear, you watched the dog sniff the air and turn towards you, the big great dane's doggie nose and tongue dripping wet. she laughed and she pointed to the doggie cock sticking out. trying to prolong it, you told her to touch it. she did and the dog started humping her hand. your prick got hard thinking about a dog knot. as you started laughing, she let go of the dog and it began licking your balls fast and furiously. its doggie tongue touching your asshole and you felt your whole body shake and you came instantly on the dog's face. she laughed at you, but it was her hands that were covered with doggie cum.

Finger my bald cunny

Posted on: 2012-02-15 11:35:53

pull up my t-shirt and look at my flat tits. pull down my white cotton panties and stick your big finger in my little bald cunny then run it under your nose. that always makes you groan. especially when i cry!you won’t let me go until i’m a good little girl and suck that big cock. “suck it real good and i might let you go.” you know you’re not going to let me go. you have wrist cuffs and a bed. you know you can keep me there as long as you want.how young will i go? any age. i love it when you start at an age you consider acceptable, then the harder your dick gets the younger you want me to play

Everything pink and puffy

Posted on: 2012-02-15 01:53:01

i can see your cock getting hard as your eyes move from my bald slit to my puffy nipples and back down again. give in D*dy, naughty skyler always gets what she wants and your cock is gonna be balls deep in my sweet teen slit before i’m through! mmmm, my pussy is so so juicy! cum and taste…don’t you like playing with sweet little girls?

My tight snatch for D*dy

Posted on: 2012-02-13 01:27:43

i’ve been lying in bed and rubbing my tight snatch thinking of how very turned on i would be if some special older man wandered into my room and caught me finger fucking myself and pinching my nipples. it would be so good that i wouldn’t see anyone standing in the door way jacking their cock until they came into my room and pushed it up to my lips. then he’d teach me what happens when girls masturbate with their door open like nasty sluts. i imagine him grabbing a big handful of my brown hair and shoving his long dick right down my throat until i gagged on it

relations is best

Posted on: 2012-02-10 18:32:07

yes its true when mommie and D*dy are fast asleep me and my brother have been messing around under his sheets! i love the pokey he gets under the covers i love watching the covers move up and down as he looks at me in my lil night gown that sometimes he wants me to touch it and lick it i do it quietly so we don't get into trouble (giggles) wanna hear him fuck me sometime???

The things D*dy does when mommie is fast asleep!

Posted on: 2012-02-09 12:28:52

do you think about slipping into my room after Mom's asleep, spreading my legs wide and tasting my sweet little girl pussy? or maybe pulling out your big dick for me to play with; showing me how to wrap my little hands around it and stroke until you explode all over my face or little cunny.

Hookey and my pussy

Posted on: 2012-01-30 11:41:03

i played hookey from school today i rather stay home and play with my new toy and let you hear how creamy wet this pussy gets when i slide my vibrator in and out of this puffy lil pussy

Love to suck the bbc

Posted on: 2012-01-29 23:06:00

hi! i'm skyler...and i am the best little cock-sucker you have ever had! there is almost nothing i enjoy more than wrapping my lips around your cock... and sucking it until you explode deep in my throat! and yesss!! i love to swallow! that's the best part! oral is not the only thing i enjoy. i also love to have my tight little pussy and ass fucked! so which hole will you choose? or... do you want them all???

Sissys and cucky boys inquire within

Posted on: 2012-01-26 18:53:56

hey there all you guys i'm skyler your teen tease lil princess girl. i so enjoy having my sissys crawl to my cute lil toes. i can't get enough of you lil sissy boys in panties running around the place. sometimes i feel like a lesbian when i'm around you. (giggles) want to be my cucky boy? or maybe let me take your leash and have you you crawl to my dungeon where i will use and abuse your ass (lol)if that doesn't tickle your fancy there is always the lil innocent girl i can be for you. you know you love young lil puffy tight pussys. wink wink!

I need a cucky boy

Posted on: 2012-01-24 12:26:50

cuckolding - get on your knees while your eyes are shut envisioning your slutty girlfriend or wife being pounded by my well-hung black or latin sub. it seems that even little mrs. perfect loves well-hung chocolate men. if, you grovel and plead with me, i just might let you clean her up...

Grandpa caught me

Posted on: 2012-01-23 22:56:18

grandpa caught me today playing with myself when i was taking a nap and came in my room and made me suck his cock he has such huge hanging balls and kept telling me to suck grandpa's cock he cock was so huge in my lil mouth