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Name : Granny Gloria
Age : 40+
Gender : Female
Hair Color : Red
Eye color : Green
Height : 5ft 5in
Ethnicity : Caucasian
Rate/min : $1.75
Ext : 147001

About Me

Hey all you good boys and girls, I am Granny Gloria. I have been around for a while, doing this sort of thing. There ain't much that granny wont say to make that good little cock cum for me. I just love the attention from my young grandson and all his friends. They just eat me up, with my big, luscious tits and deep, fiery red hair. They know that when granny get's hot, things turn bad.

Don't think that just cause Granny Gloria really enjoys her young boys doesn't mean she doesn't love her older ones. Especially the ones that like to dress up and play Diaper Loving Phone Sex games. They like to make it a game to poo and pee in their diapers. Thinking that they won't get punished. Well they have lost their minds. Of course they are going to get punished. Let me pull that little diapee to the side and start to spank that toosh til its red. As red as Granny Glorias hair.

Well all you perverts i do hope that we get to chat real real soon, cause Granny Gloria is a horny old broad looking for a good time.

Granny Gloria

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