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  • Accomplice
  • Age Play
  • Asian
  • Extreme / Twisted
  • No Limits
Name : Little China Girl Lucy
Age : 18 - 21
Gender : Female
Hair Color : Black
Eye color : Brown
Height : 5ft 6in
Ethnicity : Asian
Rate/min : $1.99
Ext : 151920

About Me

My name is Lucy here in US, back home it is Xhwang Zxing and I am foreign exchange student for two month. I like to give good time and make you feel special about yourself. I will like to take you on a ride to pure oriental bliss.

My last exchange room and board let me stay free with only perform of sexual activity to madam's husband Bob. Bob was good man. Very good in bed. He made me feel like a million dollars every time he explode in my oriental chinaware. Do you want to shine my chinese tea pot? Call me now for fun fun and love love for long time!