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  • Bilingual
  • Extreme / Twisted
  • Fetish
  • No Limits
  • Role Play
Name : Selena Cum 4 U
Age : 25 - 30
Gender : Female
Hair Color : Black
Eye color : Brown
Height : 5ft 4in
Ethnicity : Hispanic
Rate/min : $1.69
Ext : 149826

About Me

We all have sexual fantasies we can only dream of trying. "I've always wanted to get it on in a dressing room. Like, I'm just a girl looking for a cute new dress and a guy comes by wanting to 'help' me. There's just something hot about being caught semi-naked and then getting it on kinda in public and in a totally unexpected place, "A threesome with two other girls—I've done everything but that."I know a lot of guys are into the schoolgirl thing, but the sexy school teacher has always been a fantasy of mine. I think it started with my high school English teacher, who was probably about 30 or so and smoking hot. If my girlfriend wanted to 'teach me a lesson' one night, I would be so down." "I am one of the thousands of women who are interested in acting out a Fifty Shades of Grey scenario with my man. While bondage and the use of plain-inflicting items is a bit scary for me, I've always wanted to try something that minimizes your sight and hearing while enhancing your sense of touch—I find myself easily distracted during sex, making it hard to orgasm, so I am dying to try something like this!SO IF THIS SOUNDS LIKE YOU AND WANNA CHAT JUST CALL ME...