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Name : Annie
Age : 21 - 25
Gender : Female
Hair Color : Blonde
Eye color : Grey
Height : 5ft
Ethnicity : Caucasian
Rate/min : $1.99
Ext : 122609

About Me

When I graduated from college last year I landed a job as a personal assistant, working for a senior VP at a fairly large firm. I handle everything for him from personal affairs to his business briefs. We have a really good relationship both in and out of the office.

My boss needed a ride home one night while his car was in the shop. He lives in the Old Mill District, and it’s just as posh as it sounds. To thank me for my kindness he invited me in for a drink followed by a tour of the house, including his bedroom.

The bedroom itself was larger than the studio apartment I lived in. The bed was covered in soft cotton sheets that felt so wonderful on my knees while I rocked his world with my oral skills. When we finished he was wracked with guilt he begged me not to tell his pretty little, but very pregnant bedridden wife. A secret I still happily keep from her, but I can tell you all about it.

My experience only makes me crave forbidden cock more, and my petit size makes me just perfect for all those great porno moves you’ve been dying to try. I do have some toys we can play with, nothing too far out there - yet. You know you want to call me, please don’t keep me waiting. I know I’m ready

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Meet annie
Meet annie