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Name : Cynicism
Age : 18 - 21
Gender : Female
Hair Color : Dark Brown
Eye color : Brown
Height : 5ft 6in
Ethnicity : Caucasian
Rate/min : $3.99
Ext : 113820

About Me

How do you always manage to lose a good woman?

What the Fuck is your problem?

You are a pathetic loser.

You go on and on with one of your bullshit problems.I have observed men like you. Relationship killers.

I see them all over the City at night.

On park benches,Hanging around the ladies room at night clubs, In the subway. Everywhere. Just one bullshit excuse and problem after another. I've made a list. I call them the 7 Deadly Cyns.

There are so many Sins more than 7 but these are the ones I see everyday

Alc0h0lic or Druggie, Porn Addict

Small Cock,

You are a bad lover A One Pump Chump,

Broke ass loser that can't keep a job but still tries to cheat with another meal ticket bitch,

Workaholic that puts business first but then ends up cheating,

Secret Cock Sucker,

Panty Wearer.

You lead a secret double life void of honesty,

Maybe all of those things

I've only named a few. You know what I'm talking about though.

You suck all the life out of a relationship.

All the love the good decent womaen in your past you had for you is Dead.

Fuck you pig. I like real men with real money.

Impress me quickly or move on.