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Name : Rosalina
Age : 35 - 40
Gender : Female
Hair Color : Dark Brown
Eye color : Brown
Height : 5ft 7in
Ethnicity : Hispanic
Rate/min : $2.69
Ext : 150944

About Me

Are you thinking about what it would be like to make love to an enticing mature woman like me ? I have always been a very sexually confident woman but I must admit that as I have gained years I have also gained even more confidence. So I am a highly sexed older woman who knows that I can deliver whatever fantasy you would like me to dish up. I always do my very best to serve up just what it is you are looking for. I happen to be a rather kinky slut by most people's standards.

Although I usually do not bring up my more unusual sexual interests unless you ask because I want to talk about whatever it is that is going to make that cock of yours rock hard and cum really hard. But you might just be surprised at some of my sexual proclivities. Let's just say that I AM that sexy older woman you have lusted after who is newly single and enjoying my freedom immensely!

I’m a wildcat and I do not care what anyone thinks. I am a northern bunny that likes to make some leaves rattle while I am getting my groove on. Oh hell! I might as well tell the truth. I’m a MILF and I love it! You will get an extreme hard on for my 38C tits because you can bounce these beauties, squeeze them, and there is enough left for a great big mouthful after you are done playing with them.

There is no telling what I’ll get into from one moment to the next. One minute I’ve got an adorable little see through apron on, in the kitchen being a good little wife, preparing dinner, and before you know it I am on my way out of the door. Of course that is after I rock you on my lap for a while. Playing house is one of my favorite roles to play because I can be the adoring hot Mommy or the hot MILF next door. Do you want to play with Sammie?

I know you do because just like they say I truly believe that blonde phone sex sluts have the most fun !

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