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Name : Tabitha
Age : 18 - 21
Gender : Female
Hair Color : Blonde
Eye color : Grey
Height : 5ft 5in
Ethnicity : Caucasian
Rate/min : $2.99
Ext : 150931

About Me

My name is Tabitha, Im a hot jersey italian whore. I am an outgoing girl very sexual I am always so horny I have the sex drive of a guy. I think about sex every single day. At times it seems everything is so sexual from music and movies, to innocent slogans I turn naughty in my head. I use to be so ashamed about how much I let sex overcharge my mind I use to punish myself by not masturbating, I could of easily spent half the day masturbating and stalling, Now I dont care if im in my car I will pull over and get my silver mini vibrator and press the controller on and let myself explode in rush hour. If im in class I will seriously rub my clit under my bag. Anywhere and everywhere.

I am in to anything and everything but enjoy Masturbation and domination the most

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