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Name : Mistress Kendra
Age :
Gender : Female
Hair Color : ---
Eye color : ---
Height : ---
Ethnicity : Caucasian
Rate/min : $1.99
Ext : 112430

About Me

Mistress Kendra does not joke around. I do not have a sense of humor that you will enjoy. I mean, I enjoy my own little deviant fetishes, but you, you do not have a fucking clue as to what I will find funny!

You, groveling on your hands and knees, begging to be my bitch boy, now that, that is funny. You, pleading with me that you will do as you are told and will worship and adore no other, that I find very amusing and satisfying!

Now, satisfaction, it is overrated when it comes to you. You are not worthy of it, not one bit. You, will tell me what you plan to do to gain my favor.

Do you have an idea? Well, then tell me it when you call, perhaps I will listen, perhaps I will just ignore you.

It is a woman's prerogative to change her mind!

Mistress Kendra knows that Ignorance is Bliss!