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Name : Little Liza
Age :
Gender : Female
Hair Color : ---
Eye color : ---
Height : ---
Ethnicity : Caucasian
Rate/min : $1.95
Ext : 108515

About Me

Little Liza is my name and you will soon learn that I am no small little waif! I like to tease and tempt you. I am that great little babysitter that you just can't wait to bring home! Let me spend the night because it is so late and slip into my bed and do all of those things you have been dreaming about since the first time you saw me.

I still remember that first time I spent the night at your house. I thought everyone was asleep, so there I was in my bed, using the toy I brought with me in my tight little bald pussy. I didn't hear you come in but I just about exploded all over your face when you starting lapping my soaking wet little pussy.

Naughty girl that I am, I just grabbed your head and pushed it deeper into that cunt! Then I told you to fuck this pussy like you have always wanted to......and you did! I still can't believe your wife didn't wake up, but then again, she has her own little dirty secrets that she hasn't told you about!

I love going over there to babysit every week now. You told her that you were going to have a regular date night each week just so we could fuck each other when she fell asleep. She gets up early in the morning and there you are, snoring away.

Well, laugh is on you, cause guess what? She has her own hot little secret too. While you are recovering from our little fuck festival, you wife slips right into the bed next to me. She knows all about us and loves to lick and suck on my creamy little pussy to wake me up from my sleep. She has a wonderful mouth too. She listens to us fucking and uses her toys on her juicy cunt while you are fucking me. She loves to hear me moan and cum hard, knowing she is going to be sucking it from my wet pussy and making me squirt all over her face. I can taste her cum when I suck on her pretty little pussy too.

She really gets so sticky and creamy. She lets me suck on her big tits while she fucks me with her strap-on, those milky tits dangling in my face. I feed off of her and it makes her cum so hard. Her milk tastes so sweet I can't get enough of it. You think that Friday nights are the only nights she has me? Well guess again? Every day after class, she give me a ride home and we stop and play. She wants sex all of the time and knows how to make a woman feel so good. Sometime, she even lets me bring my friend Lily over and we have such a good time making each other cum!

Want to hear all about it? Give me a call!


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