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Name : Hot For Arabella
Age :
Gender : Female
Hair Color : ---
Eye color : ---
Height : 5ft 6in
Ethnicity : Caucasian
Rate/min : $1.95
Ext : 113967

About Me

Hot for Arabella indeed! Miss Arabella is every young mans fantasy come true! Wouldn't you want this young sweet vixen to teach you a thing or two about how naughty she can really be?

Do you love a hot woman sucking your cock?
Well, young men beware! I may look sweet, but trust me, I will be your Mistress and I will demand your respect! We can play, oh yes, we will play, any kind of role play you want, just remember one thing! I am always in control, even when you think that you are! Call this sexy little kitten today!

Why not take me outside and find a hot little spot for us to play and I will put on quite a show. I am not shy, want to put on a display? Come on, you know you will not be able to resist my charms!

Let me be that sweet next door neighbor that you want to kiss and taste for hours on end. I can wait for your wife to go out and then just pop right in, or should I say on your cock? You can bounce me up and down like a pogo stick and I will just want more and more.

Don't I look like such an Angel, as pure as the driven snow? HA! I may be an angel by day, but I am definitely devilish vixen at night! Come, have a taste of an angel...lol!

Yes, I am a bad girl, I will admit it. Sometimes I like to play hard and rough. Take me, F0rce me to be fucked even when I say no. I know how to make it sound so real, you will keep coming back for more. Do you like the sound of a hot girl sucking your cock? Well, wait until you hear that too!

Now, you call this hot little pussy today and we will play. I am wet, wild and ready to do EVERYTHING!

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