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Name : Teenage Tramp Cyndy
Age :
Gender : Female
Hair Color : ---
Eye color : ---
Height : ---
Ethnicity : ---
Rate/min : $1.59
Ext : 152746

About Me


What does that even mean? Ok, so I'd rather get fucked than do my damned schoolwork, I'd rather have a man's thick meat between my legs than pretty much anything else .. if that makes me a tramp, then I guess I'm a tramp, just like most of the other sluts at school who pretend they don't want it - and I know better. I spy on them and I know what they do with their bf's, and their gf's too!! They don't fool me. Hey, at least I'm honest, right?! I'm out there and available and I don't for one second pretend anything else, my sweet tight teenage cunt is ready to go ... anytime at all!!