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Name : Kimmie For Ageplay
Age :
Gender : Female
Hair Color : ---
Eye color : ---
Height : ---
Ethnicity : ---
Rate/min : $1.59
Ext : 152733

About Me

I'm a young College girl, too old to still be a virgin but here we are!

I guess I never made it to finding out what it was like to have a man take me, make me his, fill me up with thick meat and spread my tender sweet thighs apart as he plunged himself deep inside. I never made it to having his tongue lapping at my delicate and delicious young pussy, but God, I so want to make up for lost time! I'm ready willing and able to experience it all with you, be gentle, or be rough, either way, I can be yours right now. Come on, please show me what it's all about, my body aches for your cock and it needs to be taken ...I've waited long enough!!