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Name : Young Stuff Steffie
Age :
Gender : Female
Hair Color : ---
Eye color : ---
Height : ---
Ethnicity : ---
Rate/min : $1.59
Ext : 152703

About Me

Sweet Young Cheerleader!

So yes. I'm Steffie and I'm the team Cheerleader captain. Don't even ask how I got that.

Ummm see that man over there? *giggle* What can I say, teachers like me. School is a lot of fun. I like to get down and dirty like the girls twice my age! Shhh...don't tell, Mister. If they knew what I was up to, I would be --- SO -- grounded!! So I wanna keep this just our little secret, our dirty little secret, haha. I like to do the really bad things, the men tell me I'm a lot better than their crabby and dried up old wives and girlfriends any old day! .. so you wanna play with me like that? Come on Mister, I'm still just learning. But I'm ready to learn everything you wanna teach me!