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Name : First Time Tabby
Age :
Gender : Female
Hair Color : ---
Eye color : ---
Height : ---
Ethnicity : ---
Rate/min : $1.59
Ext : 152701

About Me

Wow.....School is different.

I'm an innocent girl, being a Freshman wasn't gonna be easy, I knew that. But all the hot boys .. this time it's different. There's so much I want to do now. And all my friends dads are noticing me, like all the time! They check me out right in front of their daughters and then i get teased! But .. the other night, at the sleepover ... my bestie's old man followed me in the bathroom and his hand was all over my tits and ass. I was scared but ... I kinda liked it. I can't stop thinking about it now. So can you help me out? I need something and I think I know what it is ...